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Chassis Dynamometer

Chassis Dynamometer

1. DCG-2000 type chassis dynamometer is commonly used to analyze and test wheel's dynamic performance and torque, to calibrate speedometer and odometer, and to check automobiles' acceleration capability and sliding distance, etc. With relevant devices like exhaust gas analyzers, fuel consumption meters, etc, this automobile performance inspection equipment can also be used in testing of exhaust emission and vehicles' fuel consumption at the rate of 100km/hr.
2. DCG-2000 type chassis dynamometer is particularly applicable for automobile manufacturing industries, auto repair shops, high technical institutions and auto research industries, to name just a few.

1. Our chassis dynamometer not only gives a magnificent appearance by the entire bended steel flatted body being welded, but also is reliably strong.
2. Wiring and connectors are installed in a much simple systematic way where no heavy bolting is required. Our chassis dynamometer involves easy installation and connection particularly in flooded areas where a quick temporary work is needed.
3. The main roller is knurled or coated with high friction coefficient kentanium plasma spray. This effectively prevents the slippage between vehicle wheel and the roller. Thus, our chassis dynamometer can precisely measure the power transmitted from the wheel.
4. The use of air-cooling eddy current motor provides stable performance, greater power absorption and prolongs the life-span of the machine.
5. A single girder airbag lifting system provides our chassis dynamometer with a good synchronized lifting, maintenance and oiling free operations.
6. Due to our application of inserted adjustable roller retainer wheel, especially when tests on front-wheel of vehicles, there is no side slippery occurring. Thus, test safety performance is greatly improved.


Max axle load bearing (t) 10 13
Roller diameter × roller length (mm) Φ373×1000 Φ373×1100
Center space between rollers (mm) 524 524
Dimension(mm) 3820×1150×540 4020×1150×540
Weight (kg) 1700 1800
Max absorbed power (Kw) 250 300
Test speed of vehicle (km/h) 0~130 0~130
Max brake torque(N.m) 1600 2000
Max drive force(N) 8600N 10700N

Optional apparatus of chassis dynamometer
① Fuel consumption meter
② Axial-flow fan for cooling
③ Motor tachometer
④ Exhaust gas analyzer
⑤ Barometer (elevation measurement)
⑥ Printer supplies (printer, color cartridge, etc.)

SAIE is a chassis dynamometer supplier based in China. In addition to chassis dynamometers, we also supply various other vehicle service equipment, including automobile electrical system inspection tools, exhaust gas analyzers, crankshaft grinding machines, and valve grinding machines, to name a few. All our products are CE certified and are well accepted in South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, among others. If you have any related need, please feel free to contact us.

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