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Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Where is a hydraulic scissor lift used?
1. YQJJ series hydraulic scissor lift is designed for lifting various automobiles, small vans and pick trucks of 3.2T or below. It is a necessary vehicle service tool for vehicle tyre changing, engine oil changing and vehicle repair and maintenance.
2. This hydraulic car lift finds applications in auto manufacturing plants, auto repair shops, and household garage, etc.

Specification of hydraulic scissor lifts

Model YQJJ- 3.2 YQJJ- 3.5 YQJJ- 100 YQJJ- S2
Max. lifting capacity 3.2T 3.5T 3.5T 3T
Lifting height 2050mm 1800/450mm 1920mm 1000mm
Rise time 45S 40-60S 40s 45-50S
Worktable length 1420mm 4200mm 1535-2230mm 1400-1920mm
Worktable width 480mm 610mm 600mm 460mm
Power 2.2KW 2.2KW 2.2KW 2.2KW
Voltage 380/220V 380/220V 380/440V 380/220V
Hydraulic fluid N46 N46 ISO VG 32/46 N46
Net weight 850kg 2000kg 840KG 400kg

Features of hydraulic scissor lifts

YQJJ-3.2 YQJJ-3.5 YQJJ-100 YQJJ-S2
Our hydraulic scissor lifts are highly controlled by electrical control system, so it is easy to operate. The installation of hydraulic synchronization system ensures steady and stable lifting performance.
Both series of hydraulic scissor lifts employ buried installation method, underground 33mm. So these car lifts cover smaller area and provide convenient access for cars. These vehicle lifts has no need to bury underground and as a result they feature great movability. Save on installation cost.
This hydraulic scissor lift is especially designed for auto repair shops and household garage. This is a large scissor lift which is equipped with a secondary lifting device. Super low-bed design. The minimum height of our hydraulic scissor lift is 100mm. High cost performance ratio. This scissor lift is applicable for tire and engine oil changing.

Our company is a specialized hydraulic scissor lift supplier in China. SAIE is located in Shanghai, an international metropolis and the largest port city in China. This location enables us to provide prompt delivery and greatly reduces our transportation cost, and our customers' international freight charges as well. In addition to vehicle lifts, we can also provide many other vehicle service tools. So, if you have any need for auto maintenance equipment, auto inspection equipment or auto repair equipment, please pick up your phone and give us a call. We are looking forward to working with you.

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