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Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Exhaust Gas Analyzer

What is an exhaust gas analyzer?
An exhaust gas analyzer functions to measure the density of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NO in automobile exhaust gas. It automatically evaluates engine combustion performance and emissions, comprehensively showing them in air-fuel ratio λ.

Our MQ-550 series exhaust gas analyzer is suitable for government motor vehicle inspection station, environmental monitoring stations, automobile and engine manufacturers, research and technical institutes, car repair shops, to name just a few.

Product characteristics
1. This is an ideal automobile performance inspection equipment to measure the content of CO, CO2, HC, O2, and NO gas emitted by vehicles.
2. Large LCD Screen is equipped in our fuel gas analyzers.
3. Automatic zero reset, that is, high level of automation.
4. Our exhaust gas analyzer is equipped with imported high quality device core and sensor assemblies.
5. This exhaust gas analyser can automatically calculate and show Air Fuel Ratio λ
6. Measure oil temperature with high speed channels.
7. MQ-550 series exhaust gas analyzer is designed with functions of License Plate Number entry and time display.
8. This fuel gas analyser has 800 sets of data storage capability, and intelligent license plate number search function.
9. RS-232 serial communication interface ensure effective networking and operating system updating.
10. Optional printer is available for printing results.
11. Our exhaust gas analyzer is small in size, light in weight and portable.
12. Liaise to international requirements and standards of ISO 3930 and OIML r 99 Class 1.
13. Satisfy technical requirements for measuring instrument of GB18285-2005 and HJ/T289-2006 by the double idle state method.

Main technical parameters
1. Working environment
Temperature: 0 ℃~40 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤90%
Atmospheric pressure: 86.0kPa~106.0kPa
Voltage supply: AC220V ±22V, 50 Hz±1Hz
2. Measuring range & resolution of MQ-550 series exhaust gas analyzer

Item CO CO2 HC O2 NO
Measuring range (Volume fraction) 0.00~16.00 (×10-2) 0.00~18.00 (×10-2) 0~9999 (×10-6) 0.00~25.00 (×10-2) 0~5000 (×10-6)
Resolution (Volume fraction) 0.01 (×10-2) 0.1 (×10-2) 1 (×10-6) 0.02 (×10-2) 1 (×10-6)

3. Indication error

Gas type Measuring range Indication error
Absolute error Relative error
HC (0~2000)×10-6 ±12×10-6 ±5%
(2001~9999)×10-6 ±10%
CO (0.00~10.00)×10-2 ±0.06×10-2 ±5%
(10.01~16.00)×10-2 ±10%
CO2 (0.0~18.00)×10-2 ±5%×10-2 ±5%
NO (0~4000)×10-6 ±25×10-6 ±4%
(4001~5000)×10-6 ±8%
O2 (0.0~25.00)×10-2 ±0.1×10-2 ±5%
Remark: It is acceptable if either of absolute error and relative error listed on the table is reached.

Response time: ≤10s, NO≤15s, O2≤12s
Preheating time: 15 min

We are an exhaust gas analyzer supplier in China with 17 years marketing experience. From 1993 to 2010, we have continuous improving our quality management system and product range. Now, we at SAIE is able to provide a comprehensive range of automobile service equipment, like exhaust gas analysers, smoker meter opacimeters, chassis dynamometers, link pin hole heaters, and cylinder boring machines, and more. All our products are CE certified and are highly praised by customers from South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and more.
Welcome global wholesalers, sales agents and individual purchasers to cooperate with us.

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