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Link Bar Bearing Boring Machine

Link Bar Bearing Boring Machine

T8210D Connecting Rod Bearing Boring Machine

T8210D series link bar bearing boring machine is a kind of commonly used engine repair equipment in automotive service field.
This automotive service equipment is mainly used for boring the connecting rod bearing bore of diesel engines and gasoline engines in motorcycles, automotives and light trucks, etc.
Sometimes, a link bar bearing boring machine is also used for boring the connecting rod bearing saddle bore. By exchanging clamps, it is also applicable for boring holes of other machinery parts.

Key components
This boring machine is equipped with a centering device, boring tools, and a boring tool micro-adjustment device, and more.

The side feeder of our link bar bearing boring machine is hydraulically controlled. Comparing with traditional electronic feeder, our hydraulic feeder is characterized by stable operation, long service life, reliable performance, rational structure, graceful experience, easy operation and high precision, etc.

Technical specifications of link bar bearing boring machine

Item Specification
Boring diameter 16-100mm
Center distance between the two holes of a link bar 100-425mm
Longitudinal travel of worktable 220mm
Spindle speed 350、530、780、1180r/min
Diameter of boring rod
Main motor power 0.65/0.85kw
Boring machine dimension (L x W x H) 1150x570x1710mm
Weight 800kg

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