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Smoker Meter Opacimeter

Smoker Meter Opacimeter

Where is a smoker meter opacimeter used?
MQY-200 smoker meter opacimeter is designed especially for measuring the exhaust smoke content of diesel engines in areas such as government vehicle inspection stations, environmental monitoring stations, automobile and engine manufacturers, repair shops, research institutes, vehicle maintenance, vehicle road testing and much more.

Why choose our smoke meter opacimeter?
1) Split structure with separated measuring and control units makes our smoker meter opacimeter much simpler to operate.
2) MQY-200 smoker meter opacimeter adopts Air Curtain advanced protection technology to avoid the optical system from being polluted.
3) This opacimeter has the capacity to maintain temperature under control in the measuring room, to prevent condensation in the exhaust and avoid inaccurate measurements.
4) Large LCD screen display with absolute English interactive menu prompts.

5) Our smoker meter opacimeter is designed with two kinds of readings, that is, smoke opacity and optical absorption readings.
6) 15 minutes preheating time upon booting, and performs automatic calibration.
7) MQY-200 smoker meter opacimeter has a free acceleration test and real-time measurement capabilities which enable automatic processing of data measurements and display of measurement results.
8) Equipped with engine and oil temperature test channels.
9) This smoke opacity meter has 500 sets data storage and intelligent license plate number search functions.
10) Micro-printer interface is available in our smoker meter opacimeter.
11) RS-232 serial communication interface is equipped to enable this smoke opacity meter to communicate with external computers.
12) Most importantly, our smoker meter opacimeter is in compliance with international standards ISO11614 and GB3847-2005 requirements.

Main technical parameters of MQY-200 series smoke opacity meters
1. Working environment

Temperature: 0 ℃~40 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Atmospheric pressure: 86.0kPa~106.0kPa
Voltage supply: AC220V ±22V,50 Hz±1Hz

2. Measuring range
Opacity (N): 0 ~ 99.90%
Light absorption coefficient (K): 0 ~16.08m-1

3. Resolution ratio
Opacity: 0.01%
Light absorption coefficient: 0.01m-1

4. Indication error
Opacity (N): ±2.0%(absolute error)

5. Packaging
Name: Opacimeters
Packaging material: paper box
Dimensions: 515*500*360 (mm)
Weight: 13kg

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