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Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench, JPS-12DBS

Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

1. JPS-12DBS series fuel injection pump test bench can accurately test the performance of numerous machinery pumps including distribution pump, in-line pump, VE pump and PE pump. It is much more applicable to fuel injection pumps of class Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, A, B, PN, PW, PB, Z, P3000, EP9, and P8000, high power single pumps, high pressure pump and other pumps.
2. Our JPS-12DBS series fuel injection pump test bench is suitable for testing various diesel engines in auto manufacturing, repair and maintenance shops, etc. It works accurately with all mechanical pumps of Bosch, DENSO, ZEXEL, Delphi, Carter and CUMMINS, except the PT pump of CUMMINS.

Characteristics of JPS-12DBS series fuel injection pump test bench
1. Adopted high-tech frequency conversion device, this fuel injection test pump has unique advantageous features such as reliable performance, low-noise, energy savings, higher internal torque, excellent measuring capabilities, perfect automatic protection, easy operation and other smart features.
2. Main shaft with positive and negative output at speed ranging from 0-4000rpm
3. Higher output torque, low reduction of speed, accurate measuring ability.
4. Seven speed presets channels
5. Digital display of speed, count and temperature
6. This fuel injection pump test bench can automatically keep fuel oil at a constant temperature
7. Positive and negative pressure mechanical display
8. Own 12v/24v volts DC.
9. This diesel engine test bench can detect the return oil flow of VE pump.

Testing scope
1. This fuel injection pump test bench can test the oil supply and supply uniformity of each pump tank.
2. To test the starting point and interval angle of oil supply
3. It can also be used to adjust and test the working performance of the speed governor
4. Our fuel injection pump test bench is also a good solution for testing the tightness of fuel injection pumps.
5. To test the opening pressure of oil outlet valve spring.
6. To test the opening pressure of overflow valve parts
7. To measure the reflux delivery of distributor pumps.
8. To test the performance and airtight of pressure compensators
9. To test the performance of pneumatic speed governors
10. To detect the performance of the electromagnetic valve of fuel injection pumps
11. This oil pump tester is also applicable for performance testing of oil transfer pumps.

Parameters of fuel injection pump test bench
1) Output power: 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw
2) Power supply: 3-Phase 380V/50HZ(or on request)
3) Center height: 125mm
4) Graduates: 45ml, 150ml
5) Volume of fuel tank: 60L
6) Feeding fuel pressure: Low: 0-0.4Mpa High: 0-4Mpa
7) Range of speed: 0-4000RPM
8) Air pressure: 0~0.2Pa
9) Control temperature of fuel oil: 40±2
10) Voltage: DC, 12V/24V
11) Testable cylinders of pump: 12
12) Packaging dimensions (L*W*H): 2100*1200*1800mm

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