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CNC Lathe CK800

CNC Lathe CK800

Model CK800
Max. swing diameter over bed 800 mm
Max. swing diameter over tool-post 520 mm
Max. length of workpiece 1000 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm 3000 mm
Speed range 10-800 r/min (4 gear stepless speed)
Spindle bore φ100 mm
Table of spindle bore 1:20
Rapid traverse rate X: 3800 mm/min Z: 7600 mm/min
Min. feed unit X: 0.0005 mm Z: 0.001 mm
Feed motor Servo motor
Main motor power 11kw (frequency conversion)
CNC system GSK980TDa
Tool post 4 station motor test tool or gang-type tool
Net weight 4.6T 5.2 T 5.7 T 6.2 T
Overall dimension (Lengh×Width×Height) 3100/3600/4100/5100×1750×1880 mm
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