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Lathe C6240

Lathe C6240

Model C6240
Max. distance between centers 1000 mm 1500 mm
Max. swing diameter over bed φ400 mm
Max. swing diameter over tool-post φ220 mm
Max. swing diameter over gap φ575 mm
Spindle bore φ52 mm
Center height 200 mm
Taper of spindle bore Morse No.6
Spindle speed range 19∼1700 rpm
Number of spindle cross/longitudinal feeding 145
Range of spindle longitudinal feeding 0.04∼3.91 mm/r
Range of spindle cross feeding 0.02∼1.95 mm/r
Metric thread number/pitch range 30/0.45∼20 mm
Whitworth thread number/pitch range 35/80∼1.75 t.p.i
Module thread number/pitch range 25/0.25∼6 mm
Range of spindle cross/longitudinal feeding per revolution 0.02-1.95 mm/0.04-3.91 mm
Max. travel of cross tool-post 255 mm
Max. travel of upper tool-post 130 mm
Rotating angle range of tool-post ±45°
Motor power 4/5.5kw
Cooling pump power 125w
Cooling pump speed 25 L/min
Overall dimension (L*W*H) mm 2421/2921*1053*1463
Net weight (kg) 1800 1900
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