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Lathe CD6250

Lathe CD6250

Model CD6250
Max. distance between centers 1000 mm
Max. swing diameter over bed 500 mm
Max. swing diameter over tool-post 280 mm
Max. swing diameter over gap 750 mm
Spindle bore φ85 mm
Effective length of gap 240 mm
Taper of spindle bore 1:20
Spindle speed range 12/21∼1500 rpm
Number of spindle cross/longitudinal feeding 138
Range of spindle longitudinal feeding 0.04∼2.23 mm/r
Range of spindle cross feeding 0.02∼1.12 mm/r
Metric thread number/pitch range 32/0.9∼40 mm
Whitworth thread number/pitch range 32/40∼1 t.p.i
Module thread number/pitch range 24/0.45∼10 mm
Diametral thread number/pitch range 30/DP 80∼1.75
Max. travel of cross tool-post 340 mm
Max. travel of upper tool-post 150 mm
Tool post swiveling angle ±45°
Power of apron rapid-traveled motor 370 w
Speed of carriage rapid-traveled motor 4000 mm/min
Motor power 7.5 kw
Cooling pump power 125 w
Net weight 2.2 t
Overall dimension (Length* Width * Height) 2410*1000*1380 mm
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